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Systems administrators frequently install windows server in their professional life. All the versions of Windows server have similar process when it comes to installing server with some minor changes depending on the version. In this example we are using Windows server 2019 standard edition with desktop experience (graphic user interface). Since this is a beginner guide for windows administrators, we will be using simpler options. You can also use server core installation (Non GUI mode) if you want to. We strongly advise to download the latest official software media from Microsoft official website every time you need to install Windows operating system. Below is the link for download. Always use licensed product. You can use the link “Download Microsoft Windows Server 2019“. Now burn it on a USB/DVD drive using appropriate software.

Boot the system with server operating system media using DVD/USB.

Windows server boot.

Select the language, time and keyboard settings and click next.

Server language selection

Click install now.

Install now

You will find a message setup is starting. Just wait for a while.

Setup is starting

Select appropriate operating system and click next.

install with desktop experience

Accept the license agreement and click next.

Windows server setup agreement

Select Custom installation second option.

server install options

Select the disk and click on new.

Windows server setup

It will ask you to define partition size. Let’s keep it 40GB and click on apply. You can modify it as per your own requirements.

Server disk settings

Following message will appear. Click OK.

Additional partition

System will create some partitions automatically. Click OK. Select the appropriate partition for operating system and click next.

Select operating system disk

Installation will start in a while and take few minutes to complete.

Windows setup in progress

After a while system will restart automatically.

Setup running

Set the windows administrator password and click finish.

Administrator Password

Your windows installation is successful and ready to use. Next press Ctr+Alt+Del keys, type your username and password to logon to Windows server.

Windows server installed

Finally you understand the process how to install windows server. Further if you want to understand the step by step process of Windows 10 installation, please have a look on our article “How to install Windows 10“.

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